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  • High frequency non pole lamp high energy saving
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  • There is no filament or electrode in the high frequency electrodeless lamp. It consists of a hollow discharge bulb and a coupler. It is coupled to the lamp through the electromagnetic field of the high-frequency generator in an inductive way, so that the gas in the bulb is avalanche and forms plasma. The plasma excited atoms return to the ground state and radiate 253.7nm ultraviolet light. The phosphor inside the bulb is stimulated by ultraviolet light from 253.7nm to produce visible light. After input of a certain range of power supply voltage, the high frequency generator produces 2.65MHZ high frequency constant voltage to the power coupler, the strong magnetic field is established by the power coupler in the discharge space of the glass shell, and the atmosphere in the discharge space is ionized, and the strong ultraviolet light is produced, and the three basic color phosphors of the inner wall of the glass bubble shell are subjected to strong ultraviolet light. Stimulate luminescence. When the input voltage fluctuates within a certain range, the luminance of the input voltage remains unchanged. It is mainly composed of three parts: high frequency generator, power coupler and glass bulb.
    The high frequency electrodeless lamp has a long life. The bulb has no filament and electrode, and uses high-quality rare earth three primary colors phosphor and anti-aging technology. The life span is longer than 60000 hours, and the longest life span is more than 15 years. Generally, it can reach 6-8 years. It is more than 50 times the life of incandescent bulbs, and is more than 10 times that of ordinary gas discharge lamps. Super long life, one installation, two exemptions: exemption from maintenance management and exemptions from high maintenance costs. High light ratio, good visual effect and high power factor. No flicker, protect the eyes, not tired. Multiple switches do not affect the life span, and do not produce the phenomenon of light decay of ordinary electrode lamps.

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