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  • Three trends in the future development of China's lighting industry
  • 2018-6-6 阅读次数:[2501]
  • After more than 30 years of development of lighting industry, today's popular brands are still numbered. This is of course related to industry attributes of low industry attention, but more important is that most lighting companies are weak in brand awareness. They focus on competition at the level of product and price, not on brand and culture. Of course, there are also some enterprises that want to be famous brands in the industry, but they can not be organized and get twice the result with half the effort.
    Li Zhen believes that the domestic enterprises to do brand, in addition to the need to understand how the brand operation - the "operation" level, more to grasp the industry development trend - "road". The future competition is to grasp the trend rather than seize the opportunity. OPPLE, Rex, San hung and aurora are well-known brands in the industry. They have foreseen and successfully grasped the development trend of the industry ahead of schedule.
    In order to make a difference in the brand and market, the future lighting enterprises need to pay attention to the development trend of the three industries:
    Trend one: mixed media transmission
    Many lighting enterprises are very confused, why the spokesmen, CCTV advertising hit, but the market effect is general? This is because they do not grasp the dynamic characteristics of the communication environment.
    Since the birth of the Internet, the entire media environment has undergone tremendous changes, and communication has entered the age of mixed media. In the mixed media era, the single, one-way and instilled form of communication has been outdated and replaced by two-way communication. How to make use of the value of the Internet and three-dimensional marketing with traditional media will become an important lesson of brand marketing. Fortunately, some lighting enterprises have begun to realize the importance of the Internet. NVC is in the forefront of lighting marketing. At the beginning of 2010, NVC commissioned DM network integrated marketing organization to start the network promotion service, and the market reaction was excellent. Only SEO optimization + keyword marketing services, a powerful occupation of Internet users access to the Internet. Before, store sales were basically 100 thousand / month (off-season); 10-30 months / month (peak season), there was no turnover in Internet sales. After the promotion, the sales volume of the network sales has increased by 75 thousand in June, which is almost 2/3 of the sales of the traditional stores. In mid July, only 50 thousand of the sales sales of the network sales have been sold.
    With the increase of the traditional media, such as TV, newspaper and outdoor advertising, the effect of advertising has gradually weakened. The network communication in the era of mixed media will become a way of seeking brand breakthrough for small and medium lighting enterprises with limited resources.
    Japan's famous management guru said that grasping the trend is more important than catching the opportunity. Lighting industry is a promising industry, in the existing more than 10000 enterprises, who first found and grasped the dynamic trend of the industry development, then who may rewrite the competition rules of the industry, promote the industry shuffle and upgrade.
    Trend two: consumption upgrades
    The upgrading of consumption includes two aspects: first, the external promotion of government power; and the two is the internal pull of consumer demand.
    Lighting industry is a high-energy consumption industry, which consumes resources and wastes a lot. In recent years, the government has begun to strengthen guidance and support for lighting enterprises to upgrade their industries. 2010, the state will re subsidize the promotion of 150 million highly efficient lighting products, deer tripod. This huge cake will be carved up by 35 excellent lighting enterprises. This is the third consecutive year that the state subsidized highly efficient lighting products, which has set a new high from the scale of subsidies and the number of successful enterprises.
    In addition to the promotion of subsidies for high-efficiency lighting products, along with the "ten cities and thousands of" projects, the state also vigorously supports the application of LED lighting products. Municipal and infrastructure projects such as city beautification, road lighting and so on are keen on using LED lighting products, directly feeding a large number of LED lighting manufacturers. The signal that the policy conveys to the lighting industry is obvious, but green and high efficiency will become the inevitable direction of the future development of the industry.
    LED is changing the face of China's lighting industry. In addition to the increasing number of professional manufacturers, traditional lighting enterprises have launched LED lighting products. What's more, the traditional lighting products have been transformed into LED products. "If you don't do it now, you will be left behind. You will be beaten if you lag behind." Traditional lighting enterprises emit such an exclamation.
    With the improvement of consumer's living standards, consumers' demand for lighting products has been upgraded from a single lighting demand to fashion, taste, sentiment, intelligence, environmental protection and grade. If enterprises want to get rid of the homogenization of product competition, we must strengthen the insight and study of consumer demand. Satisfying the needs of consumers is a low-level marketing, creating consumer demand is a high level of marketing.
    For lighting enterprises, the support of the old leader (government) determines the social resources of the enterprise; the support of the people (consumers) determines the market position of the enterprise. Therefore, how to seize the national demand for environmental protection and energy conservation of lighting products and the demand for consumers to pursue fashion, taste and individualization will make the "two old" satisfied, which will determine the speed and scale of the development of the lighting enterprises.
    The upgrading of consumption will affect the future development pattern of the lighting industry. If OPPLE, Rex, s and other domestic leading brands seize this opportunity, they will be able to enter the market and compete with PHILPS and OSRAM in the high-end market.
    Trend three: the market sink
    The Chinese market is a two yuan Pyramid structure composed of urban population and rural population. For a long time, the urban population, which accounts for 20% of the total population, occupies the main position of consumption. In the lighting market, the wealthy class at the spire of Pyramid is basically dominated by foreign brands such as PHILPS, OSRAM and GE.

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